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  • Why your Startup business needs an online B2B portal?

    March 22, 2017

    Why your Startup business needs an online B2B portal?

    There are few facts that you need to know, like there are around 84% of people using their B2B portals for their marketing strategies. No matter who you sell your products to and by what name you sell it, these online marketplaces for startup always help in padding up your wallet.

    Some of the most compelling reasons for using the online marketplace strategies  which Dealerbaba suggests are-


    1. It drives the targeted traffic- Create a new page, and let the brilliance speak for you in the Business Listing. This is how these pages make all the difference that is needed. For instance taking about Reddit, it has increased its visitors to 20,000 in a single weekend and continues to do the same. This is how they capitalize it.

    2. To boost the site’s SEO- The pages receive traffic which is often ignored and forgotten. Any strategy for SEO should earn top spots in the search boxes, and so turning in the traffic will cause the pages to climb the ladder much faster.

    3. Building up relationships- If the right kind of strategies are followed then this helps in building a relationship with other users at the same time because through social media you get to know their updates. For instance you now their buying strategies and choices too through Online B2B Marketplace.

    4. Ads are vital- When you see the pop up ads on the sidebars, they often irritate you. But giving it a second thought, any other ad would give the opportunity to target things like location, industrial status and purchase etc.

    5. Response to the problems is immediate- If by chance there is any problem, you can reach out to your customers right away online and solve their problems or at least guide them through. Also, with the online feedback you receive, you get to know the probable problems and search out the solutions to them.

    6. Brand loyalty- There are many ways to built up the brand loyalty. By serving the customers on time, in the right way, with the right kind of solutions etc. Be active and engaging at the same time to earn the maximum benefit of brand loyalty.

    7. Earning more sales- Just because you have an online portal and there are millions of people who can view your products at the same time, through one media, will fetch you more sales. Then there are coupon code and various other codes which channelize your strategies well in Exporters & Importers Marketplace.

    8. Customers you didn’t know about will come up- This is so natural that you get to know about people who were not able to reach you earlier, because of the online portals. So now you can sell them your products directly and get the increased benefit as per Dealerbaba.


    9. Social media is important- Because it is totally free and the rate of response on social media is highly impressive. You just need to be careful about the content and its message, if they are rightly conveyed then the response rate serves the purpose.

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