• 5 Trends That Will Change the Face of B2B Marketing in 2018

    March 15, 2018

    5 Trends That Will Change the Face of B2B Marketing in 2018

    The advancement in technology has changed the concepts of B2B marketing. The swift change in digital technology has changed the entire online ecosystem which has further affected the b2b marketing strategies, decision-making process, and activities. In fact, B2B marketing, in one way or another is completely dependent on digital marketing. The availability of smartphones and the internet has made the customers proactive. As a result, they do a complete online research before buying a product or service. It's too late now for a sales representative to showcase their product because the buyer knows it all.

    Moreover, this dependency is only going to increase. As we step in 2018, digital marketing is becoming a better tool for B2B marketers to produce better results. The modern B2B marketing strategies depend on a number of key factors on which they must focus in order to be on track. Digital marketing is directly dependent on new technology and trends. Once you are out of trend, you will face a hard time coming back. So, to provide a lead to B2B marketers in this competitive B2B marketplace, we have made a list of some key factors. These are the key factors that will change the face of B2B marketing in 2018. Remember that the only way to be ahead of someone is to move forward and therefore, these factors are completely based on current technologies and trends.

    Data-based marketing


    Data based marketing is the best tool for b2b marketers. With data, these marketers can know almost anything about their customers like their likes dislikes needs, wants, etc. This data helps the companies in almost every situation related to marketing like where to advertise, how much to advertise in a particular sector, etc. As the data of customers keep on increasing, this tool will play a vital role for B2B marketers in 2018. The primary focus of B2B marketers will be on data-based marketing in 2018.

    Key account marketing


    Also known as the account based marketing (ABM) is customer oriented business marketing based on account awareness. It is in trend since 2017 and now this is its time to take off. It’s a type of personalized marketing which helps the marketers to gain named accounts. One to one interaction with customer results in deepening of relationships. Account marketing is the best-suited marketing type right now and this will rise up in 2018.

    Modern customer assistance


    B2B marketers with the help of modern chatbots will directly know the demands of B2B buyers. Artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbots are hot in the market and will become the right hand of B2B marketers for customer assistance. Studies show that 85 % of the new websites are using chatbots for customer assistance and this number is only going to increase in 2018. That is the reason why it can be a game changer tool for your marketing business.

    Understanding your buyers


    The customer’s overall experience has been the center of attraction for many decades. However, with upcoming technology, it has become easier to understand a customer. B2B marketers will leave no stone unturned to know their customer’s needs. All modern day businesses are designed to maximize customer experiences.

    Advanced marketing technologies


    In 2018, the old marketing techniques like social media marketing and content marketing will be supported by modern technologies like AI, virtual reality, chatbots, etc. as we can see, many businesses have already adopted such technologies into their marketing strategies. This trend will continue to grow in 2018.

    In short, advancement in technologies like data science is going to help B2B marketers to grade up their marketing businesses. So, if you want to improve your business' ranking in the business listing India, you must start focusing on how to employ these technologies into your marketing strategies. But if are you looking best business suppliers for grow your business then Dealerbaba, Business directory is right place to register your business on it, they will provide best suppliers, exporters and wholesaler for business purpose.


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