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  • Things to Know Before You Start a Fabric Business in India

    March 29, 2018

    Things to Know Before You Start a Fabric Business in India

    In recent years, there has been a considerable boost in the textile organization and it is gaining more popularity with time. If you believe you can start and manage a textile trade then you must take proper actions in that direction with a focus and then you can make it big in the textile organization. The textile industry is closely related to fashion designing and embroidery industry and the main focus of the textile industry lies in the fabrics Business suppliers to supply to industries.

    If you want to start a textile business, either you can specialise in a particular niche or start with a chain of stores that will sell all types of fabrics. The choice is completely yours based on the demand in your area, your space availability and your budget of course. Choosing the type of fabric that you want to sell will determine a lot of things about your investment, sourcing and selling process of the business and business listing india. It is important to set out a goal before starting the journey.

    The basic steps for starting your own textile trade includes

    1. Market research


    It is important to take help from people who are already in the textile business as they know the in and out of the business. So, before starting, it is better to discuss few things from experts in the industry. You can find help amongst your friends and/or relatives or peers. You must take a reference about the below mentioned things –

    • Product Demand – Make sure to know the demand for the type of textile that you intend to sell.


    • Competition – The demand for the product might be good but if there is huge competition then you might not be able to succeed. So, it is important that you analyze your competition too and make a strategy to outplay the competitors


    • Pricing – You must keep your product prices quite competitive in the market and for that, you should have known about places from where you can source the products to resell.

    2. Do your research


    Good research is the base of any business and that includes understanding the needs of the customers, as you are selling for them only. Checking about the market trends is also important. It will also give you an idea about the amount of investment that you would need to make, funding options available, marketing strategies, licensing requirements etc.

    3. Look out for vendors


    In a textile business, textile production or printing plays a vital role and you must find affordable vendors from where you can source the products or services. Then only you can offer affordable rates to your customers. You can find out textile vendors on business directory like, tradeindia

    4. Look out for fabric


    You will also need to contact manufacturers or clothing suppliers for the fabric that you would require for printing. You can choose to source from local artisans or some unique outlets around you. This can help you stand out from the rest.

    5. Cash flow management


    Although you have got some funding options yet it is important to manage your money. You can start with a small credit card with a low credit limit for your business as it will be handy to make purchases.

    6. Choose the location 


    Choosing an ideal location for your business has a huge impact on your sales and so you must choose a location that is easy for you to buy products from vendors and reach out to customers as well. Also, there should be an uninterrupted and abundant supply of electricity and water in the location that you choose.

    7. Manage your time 


    Time management is very important for any business else you will miss out important tasks and may not be able to succeed.

    8. Transportation needs 


    You should also include the costs that will be incurred in transportation of goods from vendors and to customers in your sale price as well as the budget.

    9. Proper marketing


    You must make your customers aware that you have started a new business and so it is important to do proper marketing of your business. You can take help of tools such as eCommerce, online marketing, and social media promotion too apart from the traditional means of marketing.

    Using these steps you can easily start your own textile business. Apart from the above-mentioned steps, you also need to understand that no business can be successful overnight. Consistent efforts and new tac ticks always help in escalating the growth in an effective manner.

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