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  • Few Ways To Get Assistance For Promoting Women Entrepreneurship

    March 08, 2017

    Few Ways To Get Assistance For Promoting Women Entrepreneurship

    In the current scenario, if we have to move towards sustainable development then we have to look for the growth of both genders. We have heard a lot about man entrepreneurs but on this international women’s day, we would like to put some light on developing the spirit of women entrepreneurship. Just like any entrepreneur, a female entrepreneur also needs resources, support, and capital to start its own venture. In addition to this, self-confidence and moral is the driving force to boost their spirit.

    So, here we have listed a few groups and organizations that are working in this direction to help women live their dreams by starting their own venture.

    1) International Centre For Entrepreneurship And Career Development (ICECD)

    ICECD is founded by Hina Shah, who believes in the equality between both the genders. She is on a mission of overall development of women in various fields. Through ICECD, any female who is willing to start its own venture or small business can enroll in Women Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (WEDPs). Through this program, an individual can get investments ranging between Rs 2,500 and Rs 50,00,000. Till date, around 2,00,000 women entrepreneurs have been developed under various schemes.

    2) TiE Stree Shakti (TSS)

    TiE Stree Shakti was started in Mumbai in 2009. TSS is a society that works for connecting different women entrepreneurs from different socioeconomic background. This is done by organizing a series of activities which include mentoring, education, motivation and giving a roadmap to achieve different targets. Some of the successful programs organized by TSS are 'Chat over Chai' and 'Can I Dream Big'. Both these programs were oriented towards sharing personal experiences with each other to know how the other person developed a particular skill and succeed in its respective field.

    3) Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

    This is one of the oldest helpdesks for women entrepreneurs in India. It was founded by Ela Bhatt in 1972. The association was started with 320 members and now, the figure has crossed 10,00,000 mark. The Association helps women entrepreneurs through its micro financial products. Any woman who is above 15 who is self-employed can be a member of SEWA and the charge is on Rs 3 annually.

    4) WeOW By Google

    Not only national associations and groups are working for the betterment of women but, international tech giant, Google is also a part of this regime. Google has launched WeOW, which is a platform for women entrepreneurs to show their products and grow their online presence. Through this platform, women can launch and spread their business through making a strong online presence in Tier-II and III towns. Started with Tier-I cities, now this program is being conducted in rural areas to reach more women.

    Along with this, we as a society needs to come up and work in a direction to uplift the role of women in different sectors to reach sustainable development. We at
    Dealerbaba believes in the development of both genders and practice the same philosophy throughout different levels to bring up the female talent and push their entrepreneurship skills.


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