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  • Sales Pitch: How To Build Trust With Your Audience

    December 04, 2017

    Sales Pitch: How To Build Trust With Your Audience

    While searching for new customers and pitching your services, it is very important that you stand out of the other sales persons. Most of the time people often repeat the same mistakes and fail to add brand value to their pitch. Not only it is important to stand out of the crowd, it is also important to understand to whom you are pitching and how you are pitching. An engaging story structure and an impressive deck are one of the most important elements of any pitch. But, it is not limited to this, there are other factors that one must consider while doing sales pitch through B2B portal.

    Always show evidence


    In most of the decks, company's highlight their achievements in terms of achieving results for their past clients. It is very important that you always show evidences of what you represent in front of your clients. Although you cannot provide evidences of each and everything you have put in front of your clients but, there are some cases where you can prove by providing stats. Make your arguments strong by stating quotes and statements from influencing personalities.

    Highlight your expertise


    A lot of companies adopt a variety of marketing strategy to connect to the targeted audience. But, in order to get heard by the right audience, it is important they get to know about their expertise in an effective manner. According to a study, it has been identified that consumers tend to seek information and take actions according to the content provided by the sales team. If you have effectively described your expertise, the chances of getting improved sales increases to a great extent. It is always better to share the client’s testimonials and reviews. If you have negative reviews as well, it is important you have worked upon them and have upgraded your skills on that particular front.

    Add value to your audience


    You should understand that your audience wants to know how you can help them in improving their business not what you have achieved over the past few years. So, it is important that you get to know about your customers before you make a presentation. While working on your presentation, if you can present how you will be able to help your audience in a better way, you will be able to provide some understanding to the ones you are pitching. Show instances, where your strategy can improve their operations, or how you can devise a distinct strategy for your client.

    Follow a set process


    While presenting your deck, you should take care of the process you are following. Everything you say while pitching should be interconnected. Jumping on directly figures and charts after stating about your marketing strategy might create a loophole in the understanding of your client. If you will go ahead step by step, it will be better for your clients to understand the whole process in an effective manner and chances of getting a lead converted to sales increases.

    Set your marketing right


    What you have represented in your online marketing and listing on B2B portal should be reflected in your deck in front of your clients. If what you are putting on the table is similar to what you have been marketing then gaining trust of your clients become much easier as they will be able to relate your process appropriately. Most of the companies claim unrealistic targets during their marketing campaigns, which they fail to prove while deck presentation. Make sure your marketing strategy does not represent anything which is unrealistic.

    So, it is important that you should consider the above-mentioned factors while pitching in front of your clients to connect with them in a better and efficient way. The more you will be able to understand your customers, the better your will be able to pitch in front of them.

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