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  • Manage Your Online Store at B2B E-commerce Platform

    February 03, 2017

    Manage Your Online Store at B2B E-commerce Platform

    With the recent developments in IT industry in India, eCommerce platforms have seen a lot of growth. Clients are preferring eCommerce over field sales due to a large number of advantages. A report from a renowned firm reveals that just 14% B2B companies did not offer their clients an eCommerce platform.
    It’s high time you start investing in an eCommerce platform if you haven’t done yet because this is the new face of the market now. In B2B clientele,
    free business listings in India has seen a rapid growth. And all other businesses, as well as clients, are now preferring online sales.

     Advantages of Online Marketplace over Direct Sales

    Right now, there are two ways to deal in the market viz, Direct Sales and eCommerce. The direct model focuses on a Brand managing a portal itself and dealing with clients and retailers directly. This model has more control over the client experience which includes direct messaging and dealing with them. Also in the direct approach, you can change the way a user functions on an individual level by altering the platform according to his comfort. For brands looking for valued customers and long relationships, direct model is a better option.

     A marketplace model is quite a different one. It’s like setting up a small kiosk in an already flourished shop. It involves setting up a brand on an e-commerce platform like Amazon or Alibaba. They provide all the infrastructure needed for eCommerce and also already built clientele. The advantage of this model is the ability of brands to reach a large user base with least work from their end. This decreases labor of building an entire platform reducing cost and toil. A B2B business directory will have all the brands inculcated on a single webpage which is a user leisure but fierce competition for businesses.

     Choosing an e-commerce Platform

      B2B transactions are quite complex and need advanced functionality to be carried out. Incorporating these complex mechanism and providing a platform that has ease of functionality is quite important. So the first thing to look for in an eCommerce platform is the Ease of Use. An easy interface is a huge attraction for customers and also helps with brands in functioning on these platforms.

     Go for a website that gives a starting experience for free or on a trial. This way you can understand the way the website works and will it be fruitful to your brand? Adding your business for free on these websites will help you get a sense of the online marketplace.

    Any website that isn’t customized for mobile devices is going to be redundant in coming days. With 70% mobile users in the market, it is quite necessary that an e-Commerce platform must be accessible by mobiles be it through App or the web. An app will be an advantage over the web though as it is easy to access and is swifter.The only way to know what a customer wants and demands is through review system. It is necessary that a platform includes a reviews section for the product. The insights of a client are quite important for business development. And not having any way to know their vision for a product might have adverse effects on business.

    In the end, the success of an e-Commerce platform depends upon user experience. Connect your brand to a platform that provides a more personalized experience to its users, optimized to cater their needs. So, do not wait and join hands with Dealerbaba to get business listings along with improved market presence assistance.


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