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  • Importance of B2B Marketplace in Export And Import

    May 20, 2017

    Importance of B2B Marketplace in Export And Import

    Import and export are the biggest form of business for almost all countries. It is the most beneficial business not only for an individual but also for a nation. Import business is the process of bringing goods and services from another country and the people who deal with these kinds of business are known as importers. Similarly export business is the process of shipping goods and services from one’s own country to others and people who do this are known as exporters. Exporters and importers contribute in a great way to the GDP of an economy. Importing and exporting business helps not only in self growth but will also expand the global market.

    Every country is endowed with certain positive points in terms of resources and skills. For example, some countries are rich in natural resources like fossil fuels and minerals, whereas others might have surplus of labor force. In maximum cases, it has been found that not every country is replete with everything that a nation might need. Some countries are rich in complex manufacturing and technological innovations, while other countries might be in need of them. This is why every country needs a support from each other. This situation is responsible for the growth of export and import business across all the countries.

    B2B is a short form of business to business, which signifies the exchange of products, information or services between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers. A B2B portal is a collection of web pages where both large scale sellers and buyers can register themselves to start the business activities. It acts as a platform where sellers can display the features of the product, price and minimum order approved to attract large scale wholesalers or the dealers globally. It is a one stop solution for buyers, wholesalers, dealers, suppliers and manufacturers.

    B2B manufacturers or suppliers do not only commence business from such portals only. These people may be already having their existing business units. Import and export is necessary for B2B to flourish as these two activities are in a huge way responsible for various businesses to maintain a relationship among each other. B2B exporters and the importers engage in international supply of their products by getting orders from this portal. A supplier of leather shoes could register and display his products on a B2B portal and get overseas orders. He thus becomes a B2B exporter by supplying the goods internationally. Both B2B and import and export are interdependent. B2B also flourishes with more and more exporters and importers joining it and the portals are also helping in getting a huge customer base throughout the world.

    Dealerbaba is a fast growing online B2B forum which is targets at business to business marketing and provides the ultimate support for all kinds of businesses. They strive towards making the online experience, a really enriching one for all kinds of service providers to give an impetus to their online business. The easy to use interface is of great help to the users who want to list their products and services.

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