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  • How To Engage Your Customers Towards Your Brands

    January 05, 2017

    How To Engage Your Customers Towards Your Brands

    In order to push your business to the next level, you need to work hard on engaging your customers with your brand. Many business holders stop making efforts after listing their business on the local business listing in India. But, the real work starts after listing your business in a free business directory. Most of the business owners focus on lead generation and customer acquisition and forget that if these customers are not motivated and upgraded then they will likely switch to the competitors. How you treat your customers matter a lot in their long term association with your brand.

    How To Engage Your Customers Towards Your Brands:

     According to studies, 61% people tend to share their experiences they had with a particular brand to people around them. 27% people enroll to the loyalty schemes of the company. So, if you are finding difficulties in engaging customers towards your brand then this article will help you in devising better strategies.

    Use Social Media As An Engagement Tool:

    Most of the people use a social media platform to advertise their products, services or their listing on a B2B business directory. But, successful brands use these platforms to engage with their customers in an effective manner. Use social media for customer engagement, retaining them and making them happier. Use these platforms to search influencers, sharing content that your followers like, and connect.

    Promote In-Product Messaging:

    You can notify your customers about your new products or services through various channels like Email, Social Media, Customer Care, Mobile and Banners. But, one of the most effective ways is to do in-product messaging, as it is known to generate the best conversion. One of the ideal approaches is to message a specific segment of customer base with the information related to the new product or service which they have shown interest previously.

    Offer Free Trial First:

    If you are introducing any new feature or service in your app or business, ensure that you offer a free trial version to the existing customers. The existing customers are the best people to let you know about the pros and cons of the new features that you have introduced. Charging at the very first moment might not be a wise step as this creates a kind of restriction to upgrade or renew the account. According to studies, users active in the first 3 days of free trial are likely to convert than inactive users.

    Communicate Often With VIP Customers:

    After you list your business on the local business listing in India, there are few customers who become your VIP customers. Make sure you communicate with such customers often. Either ask them to review your product, take suggestions, greet them on their special days, and involve them in the decision-making process. As VIP customers are not one-time buyers, they tend to act as a link building players for your business. They promote through mouth marketing, recommending your product and help you in different other ways. Therefore, make sure you make them feel special and valued.

    Observe Your Customer Behaviour:

    It does not matter in which industry you are into. If you put your customers first, it will nurture an army of brand advocates. There are many customers who lack focus and due to which they continuously switch brands. If you can go an extra mile to engage your customers by observing their behaviour, complaints, and the things they like about your brand then it is likely that you will keep them intact.

    These are some of the tips that you should follow in order to create a brand which is strong in engaging your customers. We at Dealerbaba not only offers a free listing directory to grow your business, but, also guide you at each step to improve your customer acquisition and retention in an effective manner.

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