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  • Economical benefits of a B2B Marketplace - Dealerbaba

    February 14, 2017

    Economical benefits of a B2B Marketplace - Dealerbaba

    B2B marketing or business to business marketing comprises of development and marketing of services and or products of a company to another company. A B2B marketplace is an online platform that provides companies with the stage to sell and buy the products and also helping with deals and transactions. The marketplaces provide free business listings in India and across the globe or paid listings to businesses for sales of their product.


    B2B marketplaces have seen a substantial growth in the past years since their emergence. Both small and large businesses have accepted them heartily as a source of marketing. This is due to a large number of advantages of these platforms over orthodox methods of marketing both economical and physical. Here are some economical benefits of B2B marketplaces that might help you see the picture.

    4 ways Economical benefits of a B2B Marketplace


    1. Free listings :

    A lot of online B2B marketplaces provide free local business listings and foreign listings which are major advantages for new businesses or businesses with a tight budget for marketing. These marketplaces either help with establishing a profile for free and then take money for further processes. Some marketplaces, on the other hand, provide the clients with free listings but have other additional services for better marketing for a cost. You can choose whichever method suits you the best and invest in the

    2. Free Resources:

    Online business listings give their clients all the resources that a company needs to run a marketing campaign. You just have to sign up for one and they will handle all your marketing works or provide assistance for the same. This removes a lot of hassle to the businesses of creating and running campaigns in order to get clientele. A lot of time and money involved in these works can then be used for other important works improving the quality of the product and service ultimately making the product better in quality, in turn, increasing sales.

    3. Establishment:

    For those, whose time is money, B2B marketplaces are a very good option. There are a lot of marketplaces which are already established in the local and international markets and have a huge amount of trade going on every day. Signing up with these marketplaces gives you the power most businesses crave for, Establishment. Establishing a brand in today's market scene is quite tough and requires a huge amount of marketing, funds and time. If a business is already listed amongst the top competitors and are evaluated on the same scale then it becomes very easy to attract clients, all you need is the right offer then to allure them instead of creating and managing all the marketing.

    4. Targeted Audience:

    Online B2B marketplaces have a rather good benefit that they can be set up to target a particular crowd. Be the discriminating factor region, type of business or money involved, there are all kinds of filters for audiences. And in the current scenario of intelligent machinery, you don't even have to make the selection yourself, all you have to do is set your preference and the mechanism will do everything for you. This reduces a lot of useless marketing thereby increasing conversions and ROI.


    So, if you are still not present on any B2B portal, join Dealerbaba. We are not only proficient in making you reach to a large audience but, also pro at making effective strategies for your business. We believe in growing together and we look forward to grow with you.

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