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  • 5 Steps to Finding a Quality Wholesale Product Supplier

    October 14, 2017

    5 Steps to Finding a Quality Wholesale Product Supplier

    Whenever you think of the success of a business, a lot of factors come into play. Most of them will point towards a simple yet tricky solution – do your business in a smart way. So what would be your basic approach? A whole lot of things depend on which kind of product suppliers you are associated with. If you are already in a business and trying to flourish and enhance your sales by a reasonable margin without the headaches bothering you day and night, your first task would be to search for decent suppliers whom you can rely upon.

    Here, we will shed some light on the 5 steps which will guide you to select trusted wholesale suppliers without too much tension.

    1. PRODUCT SELECTION : Before you contact quality suppliers to take care of your product, research about the market situation is a must. Also, you should carefully choose the product you are planning for your business. You can find help in the free business listing sites. The selection process comes with will many other things:

    • Identify exactly what is the customers’ demand.

    • Look for certain features a customer fancy.

    • Do the customers require special kind of financing, research a bit more.

    • Select the types of your clients, is it a company or an individual. 

    • Do your target customers prefer online shopping or storefront buying?



    Once you are done with the product selection process, the next thing would be to determine what kind of suppliers you are looking for. To select an ideal supplier you will have to be familiar with the types of suppliers a market research will offer. These would be:

    Distributors : Distributors are always known as the middlemen. Most of the times, they will be buying products in bulk and will resell them to local stores according to the demand.

    Manufacturers : In case of buying a huge chunk of orders, the manufacturers would be your perfect choice to do business as it gives you the opportunity to save money over the long term.

    Drop Shippers : Drop shippers are a vital part of a business. They will ship the products directly to your customer’s doorstep. Oh yeah, isn’t it a bit more convenient for you?

    Free business listing sites can guide you through this process. You just have to google a bit.
    Foreign companies, import agents or importers

    If you’re looking to source the products internationally, your best bet would be these types of suppliers. The import companies will always guide you to pick some astonishing deals abroad and also play a key part of your business as a domestic distributor in case of offshore firms. But wait, do your research well. Before doing business with the foreign companies, you have to be ready for handling the import details carefully.

    3. LOOK FOR THE RIGHT SUPPLIER : There are plenty of suppliers in the market to confuse you. So the best thing is to keep a track of the minute details in the free business listing India sites and narrow down one who you think can serve your needs. Peers, trade shows, trade publications, the internet can give you the required information before selecting the right fit business suppliers.

    4. START NEGOTIATING FAVOURABLE TERMS : Once the supplier is identified according to your standards, now it’s the time to take a look at the terms of the agreement and if you feel infringed don’t hesitate to negotiate the terms.

    5. LONG LASTING BUSINESS RELATION : This would be the last part but not the least; a lot of things depend on your communication skills. Developing a good relationship with the suppliers often serves comes with more advantage while setting up better terms. This will also help you gather inputs on future product developments along with negotiating payment schedules.

    So, these are the few steps that one must consider while selecting a quality wholesale product supplier. If you are not getting the right platform then Dealerbaba is the place that can help you get the right connection in a limited time frame.

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