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  • 5 Simple Ways To Find New Buyers For Apparel Manufacturing Business

    November 01, 2017

    5 Simple Ways To Find New Buyers For Apparel Manufacturing Business

    For any business, finding new customers is as essential as retaining the existing ones. It is the new ones that set a new path of growth for any business. At the same time, it is one of the most challenging part for the business development executives. Whether it is dairy owner or apparel manufacturers, finding new customers always require innovative methods. So, if you are in  apparel manufacturing and looking to find new ways to attract new buyers, this article will help you in a significant manner. You might be or might not be aware of the listed steps but, these are the ones that surely give results over the time to the business owners in an effective manner.

    5 Steps to find new buyers for apparel manufacturing business :


    1. Visit apparel trade shows & events

    This is one of the biggest platforms to showcase your products and creativity. By becoming a regular visitor to different trade shows and events, you build a significant network in the industry and start getting recognition. This helps in building your brand as well reach among the customers. Potential buyers visit numerous trade shows as it is a platform which helps them in staying updated with latest trends persisting in the market. At these shows you can offer some discounts and offers that can attract the visitors in an efficient manner. Either you can showcase your products by becoming an exhibitor or carry some of your sample work to approach customers. Even visitors will not offer any resistance to your work as they are there to explore new offerings in the market.

    2. Connect online

    The power of the internet is not hidden from anyone. As most of the customers are online, and surf for latest trends, it is again one of the most crucial areas where you should focus. In the current scenario, there are a number of online places where you can list your products. Even there are a number of E-commerce websites that welcomes work from different manufacturers to provide them a wide exposure. By signing up on such E-commerce platforms, you can approach new buyers without a restriction on the location. There are social media platforms as well where you can start promoting your products in an effective manner and start getting leads. You can also list yourself on a free business directory that attracts a number of potential leads.

    3. Be a member of trade associations

    This is another significant way of exploring new buyers for your apparel manufacturing business. Any prominent buyer or apparel company is registered with a trade associations. By becoming a member of such trade association, you increase the probability of getting noticed to the potential customers of your business. It is a good way to target new market possibilities. You can also subscribe to the newsletters of such associations to get updated with any of the upcoming events and getting details of the buyers. A number of buyers tend to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Trade of a particular  country, with your registration, you open doors to get noticed by other members.

    4. Work with agents

    You can get associated with sales agents that have a couple of good connections in the market that can boost your product visibility in the market. These agents connected to other sales systems that results in  new set of buyers depending on a diversified needs of the customers. These agents can also help you in determining the trends that are in demand by connecting with other clothing suppliers and what should not be offered. They are not only your business development partners, they also help you in navigating your sales channel in just the right direction.

    5. Exhibit at different places

    The more you exposure your products get, the more will the probability of getting new leads. So, you should try to get your products showcased on a number of places like college fairs, trade shows., and other types of exhibitions. If you are successful in promoting your products at such places, the buyers will not only restrict themselves to your booth, they will become your regular customers at the later stage.

    So, these are some of the ways that can help you in getting new buyers for your apparel manufacturing business. If you are looking to get online exposure and get new leads, you should list your business to Dealerbaba. The extensive network of Dealerbaba will not only help you in getting wide audience exposure, it also helps you in growing at a decent pace.



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